Bekah Rice

makes things look good.


This was made for a bottle packaging project during spring semester of 2013. I came up with a fictitious brand of Mead called Sacchrine, and since Mead is made from honey I made that the focus of my concept. The cork was made to look as though it was encased in drizzled honey. The label itself was also incased in "honey" before being applied to the bottle.

My concept for the logo was based on the prevalence of bee symbolism in royal crests and insignias. Mead is one of the oldest forms of alcohol and was popular among the Greek and Roman upper classes. After 1000 A.D. honey became hard to come by. For this reason it was usually only drank by royalty and the very wealthy. With this brand I wanted to convey the drink's refined nature while still maintaining the tone of its ancient roots.

Package Re-design

For this project I had to choose a product with bad packaging. I picked Ezekiel 4:9 cereal because of its unfourtunate box design ( you can see it for yourself here ). For the logo I drew on the companies existing imagery of a sun. Since the company makes a number of different products all with different and unique packaging I wanted to simplify the mark. I wanted the packaging to show the product and be easy to open and close. This is a simple, wholesome, organic product, and I wanted the packaging to reflect that.